Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you cook in my kitchen and are you insured to cook in my home?

    In Massachusetts, the Health Department regulations require cooking to be performed on the premises. By cooking in your kitchen, personal chefs use the same environment that you use when you cook for your family - so you have all the assurances of quality.

    I am insured through the Personal Chef Liability Insurance with the Hartford Company and I hold a Serv Safe Certificate from the Massachusetts Restaurant Association. I and can provide copies of all paperwork at our free, no-obligation consultation.


Is a personal chef affordable?

   The cost of a Personal Chef Service at first may seem overwhelming, however, if you think about the following you will realize the service of delicious and affordable meals in the comfort of your own home is priceless. Take into consideration no more driving to a restaurant to find a waiting line or settling for pick-up and delivery of food your family may or may not even like.

   There also are no extra delivery fees, taxes or tips to also be considered in the price of your service. Most clients find the cost of a personal chef to be approximately the same as their own cost of groceries plus take-out and eating out.


Questions to ask yourself about the affordability of a Personal Chef


What is involved in a consultation?

   My consultation/assessment interview is designed to meet the family in their home and gauge their likes and dislikes, health and dietary concerns. Other topics of discussion are how many people will be eating, any allergies to any person in the home and review the kitchen, appliances, equipment or guide lines you would like me to follow. It is not necessary for you to have a lot of kitchen equipment, I have a mobile kitchen of equipment that I have and bring with me so do not feel you need to purchase anything extra. This allows me to create a personalized menu specifically for you and your family's tastes and needs and plan for any equipment I may need to also bring along. Packaging issues will also be addressed.


Should I prepare a space in my refrigerator in advance or will you make space for me?

   l do require that you leave appropriate space in your refrigerator for your meals and kindly remove any personal items from kitchen workspaces to prevent damage..


How long will you be in my home and is there anything I need to do?

   Cooking times vary.  Depending on your needs and the number of entrées, anywhere between 3 to 6 hours. This includes chef's set-up, cooking, cooling, freezing, labeling, cleanup and pack up.


What if I do not see what I am looking for or if my family has dietary requirements

   I am happy to meet your cheffing needs. Simply ask me and I will do my very best to accommodate you. I am constantly adding & changing recipes and services, and would welcome your questions and suggestions.


How long will my meals keep and how will I reheat the food?

   For premium freshness your family should consume your refrigerated meals within 3 days and then freezing what you have left. I can leave ALL meals freezer-ready and you can choose which ones you want to eat within the first 3 days. Freezer meals will need to be consumed within one month, although some freezer meals will keep up to three months in your freezer. Also be aware that all meals are not appropriate for freezing. This will be discussed on our initial interview.

   We will discuss packaging during the interview. Generally entrées and sides are packaged individually in containers. Each container is labeled with the name of the contents and the heating instructions for microwave. It is easy and convenient! I will leave you detailed, food-safe heating instructions to ensure that your meals are heated properly and safely to maintain the optimum taste.


What about feedback? Can I tell you what I think?

    I welcome on feedback from my clients. So, please feel free to jot down your feelings about the dishes I have prepared. I like to use this information to improve and adjust any dishes and keep your file accurate. Your weekly menu is a handy place to jot down these notes each week. Also, I call each new client about a day or so after I have cooked for them to find out how they like their meals and how they feel about the service in general. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and concerns at all times.