Poultry Menu

This poultry menu is a wonderful combination of chicken and turkey recipes. There is definitley at least one meal everyone will fall in love with. As a personal chef I am working for you and your family so if you don't see your favorite request please ask. This is a very extensive menu please browse and review the many different choices. The second page with the Chefs Specials is a delicious combination of all my family favorites.

Poultry Menu suggestions are available for Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or Dinner Party services.


Choose one from the following or ask about a substitute of your choice.


Choose one from the following or ask about a substitute of your choice.





    As a personal chef my goal is to work for you and your family so you can enjoy your favorite foods. Any substitutions you would like to incorporate please ask and I will do my best to handle your request.

Prices effective January 1, 2012 and subject to change.

Special Diets - When a special diet requires additional time for meal planning, calculations, or shopping at specialty food stores, there is a $40.00 fee per cook date. Not all special diets will incur a special diet fee.

Additional/Large Portions -There is an additional fee for additional or large portions.

Single-Serving Packaging -There is a $25.00 per cook date fee for single-serving packaging.

Payments: - Payment of a grocery deposit and the Personal Chef fee is due in advance of the first cooking date. Any over payment of the grocery deposit will be credited to the next session. Payments are made via cash or check.